The Curved Nature of Niemeyer

The Curved Nature of Niemeyer

Exhibit Design – ETEL at Lake Como Design Festival – Como, Italy.
2023 / completed

“The Curved Nature of Niemeyer”
Lake Como Design Festival, 16th to 24th of September, Villa Olmo, Como, Italy

In occasion of the “Lake Como Design Festival 2023”,  ETEL, a universally recognized ambassador of Brazilian design and partner of Oscar Niemeyer Foundation, in collaboration with Studio Superluna, presents “The Curved Nature of Niemeyer”.

Central to ETEL and Superluna Studio installation, the exhibition will be a compelling fusion of Niemeyer’s legacy inspired by one of Niemeyer’s most acclaimed masterpieces – the iconic “Casa das Canoas”,  Rio de Janeiro – in dialogue with the grandiosity of the “sala specchi” at Villa Olmo in Como. Among the highlighted creations are the Alta Chair, Low Chair, and Rio Rocking Chaise – original editions by ETEL, licensed and certified by the Oscar Niemeyer Foundation.



Status: Completed
Year: 2023
Tag: Exhibit Design – Lake Como Design Festival
Place: Como, Italy