Reserva Irauà

Reserva Irauà

Private Condominium – Maraù, Brasil.
2018 / concept design 

The project for this special area of about 30.000 sqm in the state of Bahia, Brazil, is the design for a private resort to be developed with residential houses and luxury commons areas.

The idea was to create an organic design of the ground, with a central boulevard for resident’s facilities, a secure entrance area and special common areas on the beach, including a bar, a restaurant, and 200 sqm. swimming pool inside the tropical nature.

The careful use of local materials recalls the typical way of construction from that magic place, just with wood and bricks, as sustainable way of thinking this urbanism’s intervention.



Status: Concept design
Year: 2018
Place:  Maraù, Brasil
Tag: Private Condominium