Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

Competition Entry – Cremona, Italy.
2021 / concept design

The concept design for this public competition born from the need to finally equip the Cathedral of Cremona with an appropriate liturgical adaptation, almost 60 years after the beginning of the Second Vatican Council.

The main idea of the project – being a church dedicated to S. Maria Assunta – find its cue after a careful observation and comparative studies of the unique architectural-chromatic, historical-artistic and liturgical-spiritual context; as well the inspiration arrived from a famous “Marian Text” from Dante Alighieri, fully entered into the liturgy:

Nel ventre tuo si raccese l’amore,
per lo cui caldo ne l’etterna pace
così è germinato questo fiore.”



Status: Concept design
Year: 2021
Place: Cremona, Italy
Tag: Competition Entry

Collab: Arch. Alessandro Faiella
Render: MammutLab