Casa Girassol

Casa da Soja

Private House – Holambra, Brasil. 2019 / concept design

“Casa Girassol” is a private field house to be developed in a private condominium in Holambra, Campinas, one hour away from the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

The idea came after a long conversation with the client, who needed a house of around 400 sqm to be use during the weekends and to host the many relatives.

The spaces in plan, like a sunflower, find their position and dimension at 360° degrees on the ground, following the daily phases of the sun and creating private and unique realties for every room.

The center of the house, which is the living room, is the meeting point for the whole family, overlooks the external area that includes a perfect-circle pool.


Status: Concept design
Year: 2019
Place:  Holambra, Brasil
Tag: Private house

In collaboration with: Valerio Botta