Casa G

Casa G, 2020 / Concept Design

“Casa a G” is the concept design for a new private home located in the village of Gordona, in the suggestive “Val Chiavenna”, Sondrio, Italy. A young couple called us to develop and idea of a contemporary-alpine home to be developed in a steep area of about 3.000sqm. Our answer was to create a podium to compensate the slope of the terrain, where we designed the technical area, the parking and a private tavern, in addition to a direct access to the center of the home. On the podium sits the new house of about 200sqm, that includes all the functions requests by the clients, with a special living room looking 180° on the valley. An important black-wood roof balance the geometry of the house, giving emphasis from the inside to the outside.

In collaboration with Arch. Alessandro Faiella