Apartment GS

Apartment GS, 2020 / Completed

Located in Como, in Viale Carlo Cattaneo, right on the edge of the ancient city walls, the project is the complete refurbishment of an apartment sited on the fifth floor of an elegant and well-preserved residential building from the late ‘60s. We wanted to rethink its interior design and organization, demolishing almost all the dividing walls and redefining the space according to the needs of the clients. The idea is based on an organic development, defined by three arches, two in elevation and one in plan, which intersect and give life to the new layout. The color palette give sense of continuity from the entrance of the building to the apartment, while the materials used are identified only in oak wood, “ceppo di grè” stone and brass for all the finishing details..

In collaboration with Arch. Valerio Botta

All Photographs:  © Bettina Musatti