“ARTE VIVA by Abraham Palatnik” for ME.MO. Brasil

“ARTE VIVA by Abraham Palatnik” for ME.MO. Brasil

Exhibit Design – Design Miami/Basel – Basel, Swiss. 2019 / completed

For the first time outside Brazil, Mercado Moderno gallery present a special furniture’s selection produced in the 1950’s by “Arte Viva”, manufacture of the great artist Abraham Palatnik, pioneer of kinetic art, together with his brother Aminadav Palatnik.

We designed a special set for the Mercado Moderno stand at Design Miami/Basel 2019, for a collection composed by more than 20 pieces of iron, wood and glass painted by the artist.

The idea behind this project was to cover the 3 existing stand’s walls with a special chrome fabric, to reflect the colors and the materials of the exhibited pieces in a disorderly way and trying to recreate the effect of movement always proposed in Palatnik’s works.

ME.MO. BRASIL – Mercado Moderno (@memobrasil)
Textile by MECTEX – Manifatture Italiane Scudieri (@mis_mectex)



Status: Completed
Year: 2019
Place: Basel, Swiss
Tag: Exhibition Design
© Mercado Moderno

Press: https://www.superluna.it/design/mercado-moderno-at-design-miami-basel-2019/