“Lapis” – Simone Perdetti

“Lapis” – Simone Pedretti

Furniture Design, Italy.
2021 / completed

LAPIS (from the Latin <stone>) is a series of unique and unrepeatable objects of their kind, capable of leaving all the guests speechless.

The entire collection was created by enhancing one of the rarest and most unknown stones in the world: petrified wood. Dated over thirty million years, this particular wood has been subject to extremely rare circumstances that have transformed it into stone.

The original idea was to give a new life to the objects found in the Trentino tradition, revisited them in a contemporary key, trying to make the most of petrified wood, with the help of the mastery of some of the best Italian artisans with whom the company collaborates.

Among the objects presented are the CIOCÁT, the TRIGA, and the SFÓIA. CIOCÁT, from the dialect of Trentino <wood trunks>, is a fantastic set of 3 tables, including a coffee table, a bedside table, and a stool. TRIGA, from the dialect of Trentino <to rest>, is composed of two metal cylinders and a petrified wood slab. Finally, the modular bookshelf SFÓIA, whose design was inspired by the trunk’s part immediately after the bark (the book).



Status: Completed
Year: 2021
Tag: Furniture Design
Place: Italy

Press: https://www.superluna.it/design/lapis/